AQVE is accredited by the SCC to perform the certification of persons.

Accreditation by the SCC

International recognition

The Standards Council of Canada (SCC) is a federal Crown corporation with a mandate to interpret, adapt and oversee the application of international standards—including those of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO)—in Canada.

ISO 17024 contains general requirements for personal certification bodies like the QAEA, to ensure that their certification scheme is relevant, credible, independent and systematic.

SCC accreditation is a very structured process requiring, among other things, a management system that is similar to those used in quality management and imposes a high degree of rigour on the accredited body.

The QAEA is proud to have obtained accreditation in 2006; with it, not only can we ensure the quality of our certification process, but we are also recognized as the only Canadian certifying body accredited by the SCC to grant the titles of CEA and CESA.

Thanks to this accreditation, QAEA titles are recognized internationally, which is not the case for other Canadian certifying bodies granting similar titles.

Quality assurance

Our certification process consists of eight procedures, along with registers and forms, all of which have been adopted by the Board of Directors and are audited by the Standards Council of Canada as part of its annual audit.

To be in compliance, our management system must also undergo an annual management review and an internal audit by an independent party.