Certified Environmental Auditor

Relevant training and experience in line with industry practice

The QAEA recognizes that an environmental audit must be directed by a professional who has the personal qualities and relevant experience needed to ensure effective leadership and management of the audit process.

By certifying an Environmental Auditor, the QAEA is expressing its confidence that that person is capable of directing environmental audits and signing the reports.

  • Why choose an Environmental Auditor? CEAs are environmental professionals with the training and experience necessary to perform an environmental audit in accordance with recognized practice, whether for regulatory or management purposes.
  • What do they do? They conduct environmental audits according to industry practice, using standards and guidelines that are generally recognized for the purposes of environmental auditing. They will subsequently deliver an opinion as to whether the report meets the audited requirements (compliance, management system, internal procedures, etc.).
  • What are their obligations? They must demonstrate professionalism in their practice, as well as respect for their own profession and other professions. In addition, they undertake to adhere to the QAEA Code of Good Practice.