Fees and dues for certified members

Membership has its advantages!

As a certified member, you'll benefit from special rates on activities.

What's more, the fees will be reduced if you want to obtain a second title.

Application fee and annual dues (excluding taxes):

  • certification application, 1st title: $567
  • certification application, 2nd title: $453
  • annual dues, 1st title: $419
  • annual dues, 2nd title: $165
  • three-year renewal (per title) (in addition to annual dues): $80

Special rates for activities (excluding taxes):

  • annual conference: $272
  • breakfast talk: $28

Appeal fees (excluding taxes):

  • request for decision review following rejection of certification application: $113
  • request for review of exam results following failure: $57
  • request to view exam following failure: no charge
  • request for decision review following denial of annual maintenance or three-year renewal: no charge

Rates as of January 1, 2017